Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flamenco Hands: Floreo

While teaching yesterday, I came to realize that the hands move with the natural timing of breath. By this I mean that you breath in, when your inhale is complete, there is a natural moment before you being your exhale. As in reverse, when you exhale, there is a natural moment at the end of the exhale before you begin you next inhale. I see this in relation to the timing of the hands as accents in flamenco dancing.

The motion of the hand is palm, fingers, wrist, palm, fingers: The palm pulls toward the wrist, then the fingers curl towards the wrist, then the wrist curls, then the palm beings to open and the fingers follow. The accent moment is the first "in" motion and then the hands begins its curl in timing with the music until the next accent. The hand needs to fully extend before it beings its journey back, therefore having a natural moment at the end of the full curl before it beings its next curl.

An adage I like to use is "You have to come all the way in before you can go out and you have to go all the way out before you come in" Meaning you have to fully go out before you can actually go in or it is never really in or out (in tap dance I say "You have to get off it to get on it and you have to get on it to get off it...meaning you can't really get on if you were never off and visa versa)


  1. Great explanation, love it. I was looking for something to help explain floreos to tribal belly dancers, who also use them. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much! I love the connection between the two styles of dance. Ole!