Thursday, February 10, 2011


Miller and Ben Tap Shoes are supreme tap shoes. They are perfectly weighted, have incredible percussive sound quality and come in so many smashing colors and styles a girl can hardly decide which ones to buy!

I own two delicious pairs of these gems:

Jazz-Tap Master in Burgundy Ray Pattern and Black to Burgundy

and La Coquette in Burgundy and Gold
 I use La Coquette's when I create my blend of flamenco-tap and I love the pitch, the tone and how slammin' they look with both skirts and pants! The other day, just before I was going on stage to perform in Patrice Monahan's Shufflin' Time gig at Amazing Things, I slipped on my Coquette's and suddenly...rrriiippp! The leather on the side just gave out and they split open. Crest fallen, I wore my Jazz-Masters, excellent shoes but not what I was looking for in sound and style for the day. I immediately emailed Liliana Kualapai, owner of Downtown Dancewear in Lowell, MA, where I had purchased the shoes. She immediately got in touch with Ofer Ben who responded quickly to figure out what he could do to fix my shoes. When he saw the damage, without hesitation, he offered me a brand new, replacement pair of shoes.

Miller and Ben are honest business men who stand by their product 100%. Buy their shoes, even without taps, you won't be disappointed! Buy them from Downtown Dancewear (ps...tell her I sent you!)

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I am thrilled that it all worked out and I am more than happy to offer anyone that mentions that you sent them our way a 10% discount on a pair of Miller & Ben shoes! Customers, just mention the Always Be Dancing blog when you come to Downtown Dancewear.