Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Portside Percussive Dance Festival

June 27-July 2, 2011
Join us for our first Tap Conservatory
Classics to Classical
legendary tap masters Brenda Bufalino, Dean Diggins
with Josh Hilberman and musical director Paul Arslanian.
Other classes during the week will feature West African
dance and drum with Youssouf Koumbassa and more.

Intensive Classes • Performances • Talks • Events

The festival returns with a new name~The Portside Percussive
Dance Festival
~and a new home at The Dance Hall in
historic downtown Kittery Portside, just over the Piscataqua
river from it's former home in Portsmouth, NH.
The PPDF was founded by tap dancer Drika Overton in
1995 and grew into an intimate, innovative festival with
worldwide recognition. Over the years the Festival
featured renowned dancers, musicians and singers including
Jimmy Slyde; Fayard Nicholas; Bill Irwin; Keith Terry;
Jo McNamara; Jay Clayton; and returning favorite Brenda Bufalino. 

Information about registration, schedule, housing and more coming soon.
Space is limited. 

Our mailing address is: 
The Dance Hall, Kittery, Maine
7 Walker St.
P.O. Box 691
KitteryMaine 03904

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding balance on the dance floor - The Boston Globe

Finding balance on the dance floor - The Boston Globe

Dance In The Schools

I just finished up teaching three different classes for Dance In The Schools in Cambridge MA (coordinated by Erica Sigal). I wish every month was dance month. I love getting into the schools and teaching dance and yoga to kids during the day! It is such a great way to work with this population and help cultivate new interests for them. This year I had the opportunity to have three sessions with two classes at the Maria Baldwin School (1st and 2nd grade) and a one day special of teaching math through dance at the Cambridgeport School (7th grade)-teaching how to graph linear equations, to be exact. The math class really peaked my interest and I will be creating a more in depth math-dance program so I can work with all k-12 grades.

I just received a great compliment form the 1st grade teacher at the Baldwin School. The kids and teachers at the Baldwin School were very inviting and created a great space for me to come in and be with them. The whole school has a nice vibe and the kids were very involved with their classrooms.

"I want to share a magic moment with you:
We have had a short meditation period after lunch that was not always silent despite best intentions. I was in the room but had my head in a book when I realized something, it was silent. I looked up to see the kids all shaking their fingers and moving their hands up and down in a pattern as they silently mouthed the words they had learned a couple of days earlier in Eve's yog/meditation portion of the class. This was student initiated and gained immediate acceptance and use. The students obviously embraced and seem to thirst for these activities and I can only imagine what a wonderful impact it would have on the class if Eve were to be with us more."

I can bring yoga/meditation and flamenco to your school, your grade, your classroom! I can tailor all programs to be one day to one year!

A shout out to Shakta Kaur Khalsa for filling me up with great ways to involve children in yoga! I highly recommend studying with her. She is a generous spirit, so willing to share and so willing to learn. Namste Shakta!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tap Dance Lectures with Margaret Morrison at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tap Dance Lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

with Margaret Morrison

Sponsored by Dance@MIT, SLIPPAGE, & MIT Department of Women's and  
Gender Studies

free and open to the public

Monday, March 14, 2011
at MIT
Building 4 Room 149
77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139
for more info: 617-253-6957

Artist Talk "Body of Rhythm: 30 years in rhythm tap"
Margaret Morrison shares video and tap dance stories from her career.

"She Stayed With the Sisters: Tap Dance Narratives and Invisibilized  
Margaret Morrison presents new research on Alice Whitman, the "Queen  
of Tap", Juanita Pitts, "Tops in Tap", and other African American  
women tap dancers of the 1920s to 1950s.   

Yoga...Teaching the teachers

I had a great yoga class at Longfellow today. It started out slow but then three people walked in together, two of them who are fellow teachers. That is always fun because we can play a bit and share insights. I appreciate the camaraderie at Longfellow and I always appreciate FUN! We flowed, we flew and we fluttered!

After teaching, I hit the Stepmill for 10 minutes to warm my legs up. Then upstais to the weightlifting room. I tried to embody the training my husband has been raving about these past few weeks, low weight high rep to start...

Squat: Bar +10lbs 50 reps; +50lbs 10 reps; +70lbs 7 reps
Lunges: across floor and back with 15lb. hand weights
Super Set of Leg Extensions and Leg Curls: 25lbs. 21 reps/20lbs. 30 reps; 85lbs. 10 reps/ 60lbs. 10 reps; 100lbs. 7 reps/70lbs. 8 reps.

Superset of Bench and Lat Pull Downs: Bar 30 reps/30lbs. 50 reps; +45lbs. 6 reps/ 90lbs. 9reps; 40lbs. 6 reps/105lbs. 5 reps.

I ran out of steam, so I ended with a 3 sets of Shoulder Flyes: 3 lbs. 50 reps; 7.5lbs. 10 reps; 10lbs. 8 reps.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Flamenco Project 1960-1985: Una Ventana a la Vision Extranjera

Subtitled "a window on the foreign vision," this remarkable book documents and celebrates the experience of the many international pilgrims who travelled to Andalucia in quest of "real," raw Flamenco in its native setting. The meat of the book is an absorbing collection of black and white photographs, almost all previously unpublished, by Christopher Carnes, William Davidson, Ruth Frazier, Dick Frisell, Ira Gavrin, David George, Paco Grande, Jane Grossenbacher, Mark Johnson, Steve Kahn, Robert Klein, George Krause, Charles Mullen, Daniel Seymour, Maria Silver, and Phil Slight. The photos are complemented by texts from Steve Kahn, Zatania Estela, Jose Manuel Gamboa, Brook Zern, William Washabaugh, David George, Jose Maria Velazquez-Gaztelu, Remy Weber, Tao Ruspoli, and Nina Menendez. The photographs themselves feature many of the now legendary Flamenco artists of that time and place: Anzonini del Puerto, Paco del Gastor, Manolito de Maria, Joselero, Chocolate, Platero de Alcala, La Fernanda de Utrera, Rosalia de Triana, Ines de Lebrija, Perrate de Utrera, Fernandillo de Moron, Pepa de Utrera, Felipe de Triana, Aurora Vargas, David Serva, Francisco Molina, La Perrata, Juan Talega, Paco Valdepe–as, Curro and Antonio Mairena, Juan and Paco del Gastor, Pedro Bacan, Miguel Funi, El Farruco, Cristina Hoyos.... Large trade-book format: 190 pages on nice, thick, glossy paper; texts side by side in Spanish and English.

The book is available at Flamenco Connection

** I am friends with Ira Gavrin's daughter (Amara Cohen) and have had the opportunity to meet this fabulous photographer. It was wonderful to hear his tails of flamenco! The pictures are fabulous!
Flamenco Project. Una ventana a la vision extranjera 1960 1985