Saturday, January 8, 2011

A simple yoga sequence to help teenagers stand up taller

Teenagers are notorious slumpers. They then grow up to be slump shouldered adults. Help your teen lift up and feel the broad chest and broad back, the heaqvy tail bones so the back is neither overly concave or convex, the neck is long, the shoulders are open and relaxed...

Here is a short and simple yoga sequence to help teenagers out of "slump mode":

1. Lie on back, with feet on floor (This is called Constructive Rest). Starting on the right side, bend the right arm and slide the lower arm under the lower back, so that the  fingers of that hand can be seen on the opposite side of the body. Now simply breath in and out. Roll your spine up and down, pressing the bent arm into the floor a bit and then releasing. This is a gentle stretch for the front of the shoulder.Repeat on left side.

2. Now back to Constructive Rest. With the shoulders on the floor, allow both knees to drop off to the right side. Beathr. Then repeat on left side. Breath.

3. Next bring both knees into chest and hug them in. Breath.

4. Roll over to Child's Pose. This i s a great starter stretch for the back. breath.

5. Put hands on floor, by knees and curl toes under. Press up into Standing Child's Pose. This is basically a forward bend, but the knees are bent so that the abdomen and possibly ribs can lay on top of the thighs. THi8s gives a great stretch for the back. Feel you tail bones heavy and feel your front draping.

6. Standing. Place a beanbag on the top of the head, not for balance, but to allow the head to be up, the chest to be lifted, the shoulders are relaxed. The tailbones are heavy so that back is in neutral. Walk around. breath.


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