Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Practice Savasana in everything you do...

I recently attended a workshop with the highly esteemed Omayra Amaya! It was a glorious 4 day experience. I have not taken a flamenco class, let alone a workshop, in over 2 years and I was a bit nervous at my  ability to hang with the intermediate/advanced class. It was great to see two of my adorable teen students involved with the level one workshop. I can see all the hard work they are putting into their dancing and I can see how much they took with them from my classes. It is always joyous to see my students flourish! I could feel myself beaming with pride.

So day one of the workshop, my mind and body were not as one. Luckily, I managed to retain the choreography that had been taught because to my surprise on day two, I felt myself hitting my stride. The mind-body connection fired up and I hit the zone. I felt I couldn't learn fast enough and just so enjoyed letting it all go and being in the moment. Another student came up to me, and she was so distressed at what she felt was her lack of ability to dance at this level. I realized at that moment that her expectations of what she had already learned and what she thought the workshop was going to be about were not the issue at hand. I told her to let it all go-let all the past work just be-and to accept herself where she was. I told her to practice Savasana! Relax and to let herself be in the moment, to allow her body and her mind to unite. She smiled at that and understood me and we enjoyed dancing together for the rest of the workshop.

By the fourth day of the workshop, I was dancing! Damn it felt good! It was real! It was of the moment! Thank you, Om...

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