Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hatha Yoga is a continuing invitation to experience the joy of conscious movement that informs body and soul. It is also immensely practical and the need to respect anatomical rules of alignment becomes increasingly obvious as your practice deepens. Incorporating the body’s “rules” into your yoga practice can be challenging. Too much focus on form can seem rigid, too little sacrifices clarity. Either can lead to injury. The answer lies in the middle, in finding the rhythm between form and flow.
In this weekend with master teacher Barbara Benagh you will be guided to better understanding of practical principles of physical alignment, invited to explore the energetic flow within asana, improve your understanding of the effect of the poses you practice and learn how to use that knowledge to enhance a continuum of flowing movement, breath, and inspiration.
This workshop is not a clinic for therapeutic issues though it will include strategies for avoiding shoulder, lower back, and other injuries. Whether an experienced student or teacher you will learn skills to manage the inevitable ebb and flow of practice to always find inspiration to engage with your Self and the world.
This workshop is for students with at least one year's experience in yoga.

July 30 - 31, 2011 
Saturday and Sunday —
11 am – 3 pm each day
Cambridge Masonic Hall
1950 Massachusetts Ave
Porter Sq., Cambridge, MA
TUITION: $175 for the weekend. $100 per day
register online:
Workshop Info:
(617) 566- 1489

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