Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Balance Through and Through

Today's yoga class will be about balance. I realized after my 3 day Core Yoga In-Schools teaching workshop that the concept of balance is so far reaching. I was imbued with so many new ideas for classes after working in that great supportive environment and feel a bubbling over of creativity to get my yoga to the kids.

We will start lying down (I wish we had mats for this class). I created a great restorative back bend in the workshop where we just by rolled up our mats and used them as bolsters, placed right below the shoulder blades. The students did not struggle with the depth of the back bend as it was minimal and I had them drape over it like a piece of cloth. Unbeknownst to them, the subtle act of the relaxation and the gentle heart opening generated energy and acceptance in them to hear my words (about Bramacharya-self-control) and to do a fun flow to music. It was just thrilling to see the students transformation from tired to happy and energized.

But no mats here, so instead we will just lie on the floor and start with a 2-3 minute total stillness, total silence. Next I will lead them in an alternate side of the body breath flow and then a time for them to just notice their breath and to allow it to focus more in the belly than the chest. We will sit up and do a game called The Nose Knows (slap legs two times, clap two times, grab nose with right hand reach across with left and hold right ear; slap legs two times, clap two times, grab the nose with the left hand and reach across with the right hold the left ear. Repeat trying to get faster and faster-a great brain balancing game). At the end of the game I explain about the two sides of the brain, how the left side is the mathematical, analytical side and the right side is rhythmic and creative and how as a dancer, you need a balance of the two to learn choreography, learn technique and also understand the depth of the movement within the rhythmic landscape of the music.

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