Friday, September 23, 2011

Daytime Adult Flamenco

Last week started my new daytime adult flamenco program in Natick, MA. This year's class is on Friday 10:00-11:00AM at Sereda Dance Works, 89H Washington Ave., Natick, MA.

This has been an exciting and exhilarating start to the new season of flamenco. With a bang, the class size increased double and the camaraderie between the students old and new has been immediately encompassing. We have a really good time learning technique, listening to the rhythms, making noise and laughing-I love that the class erupts with laughter through the hour-today's humor resting on how we make sounds with our hands, apricots in the arms pits, "sand" "wich" "a" (or possibly "ta" "ta" "pa")...spilling out of the room, at the end of class, peals of laughter and smiles filled the space.

Ole! Namaste!