Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review: Writing The Dance by Richard Kent & Josie Bray

Title: Writing The Dance
Authors: Richard Kent & Josie Bray
Age group: teen+ all students of dance can benefit
Published by: Published in cooperation with the National Writing Project @ Thew University of California/ Berkeley
Theme/Topic: Reflecting on dance; dancers journal
Genre: Non fiction; journal

Opening Synopsis: Writing the Dance provides dancers and dance students of all abilities with an opportunity to immerse, think broadly, and connect deeply to the inner life of the dancer. Within this book you'll find a wide variety of reflective activities that can optimize a dancer's performance, including prompts and analysis pages for classes, rehearsals, and performances. This workbook-journal allows dancers to come to know their work in the studio and on stage in a more intimate and detailed way.

Quick sum up: This book is a dancer's journal into self exploration. It provides a platform for dancers to learn and improve by using their own self reflection. Journals help you to focus, think, explore, address issues and to really see yourself, in your own words. A virtual mirror, not a physical reflection of yourself-seeing yourself from the outside looking inwards, instead a journal allows a view from the inside out. Writing The Dance provokes, clarifies, coaxes, prioritizes and harmonizes your thoughts on your dance. There is no wrong way to express Writing The Dance and it is for your eyes only.

Why I like it + disclaimer: I really enjoyed Writing The Dance. The journal prompts, the dance reflections, performance feedback and dance study sections all opened the way for meditation and are effective exercises for introspection. I found the book to be a very useful tool for my own journey as a flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher. I believe that Writing The Dance is a valuable addition to all dancer's book shelves (or should I say bedside tables!).

Full Disclosure: Josie Bray provided a copy of Writing The Dance to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review of Writing the Dance. It's great to be on your bedside table! :-)