Monday, December 14, 2009

15 Minute Yoga Snack: Yoga is fun!

That was the general consensus in 1H today as I began yoga class....I asked, "What is yoga?" and the kids said, "YOGA IS FUN!" Got to love it!

We started today in Easy Pose kicking off our 15-Minute Yoga Snack (15MYS) with 3 large belly filling Balloon Breaths. I explained the use of Ujjayi Breathing (please see post on 12/13/09) and we were ready to go. Our Intentions were set to remain focused within our own bodies and to feel happy and ready to learn at the end of our session.

Our warms included: Bumpy Camel, Washing Machine (while saying Sat Nam, which means, Truth is my identity), Dryer and then finally a rousing set of Frog Push-Ups to get our blood moving. We ended our push-ups with a Deep Squat using the back of our arms to press open our thighs.

We sat down again and had fun clapping and singing to We're The Rockin' Yogi's. The coordination it takes to pat the floor two times, clap, and rest before repeating, all while signing is a great activity for the kids. At the end, I have them finish the last verse while whispering, to once again bring the energy down and focus within.

We stood up and after Tadasana, we formed two lines and danced and sang to "Happy Jio" which is a total crowd-pleaser.

To ground them for their day, we ended our session with the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma meditation.


*The next day, a mother came up to me and told me how much her son was loving my class and that he could not stop talking about it sharing what we do! I said, "Put that in writing!"

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