Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RASP YOGA: Day One Winter Session 2010

Monday started the new RASP After School Yoga program (Winter Session 2010). I have 8kids this time and I was really happy to see both old and new faces.

I began today's lesson by asking who had done yoga before and then what the kids thought yoga was: exercising, relaxing, stretching,and I also added energizing. When you need to relax, you practise yoga that helps you relax and when you need to be energized you practise yoga that energizes you.

We lay down on our mats and I gave each child a bean bag and had them place it on their bellies. I had them lightly touch the bean bags and then we inhaled and filled our bellies like balloons and then we exhaled and let our bellies deflate and return to normal. We then lay out long on the floor and stretched ourselves from all directions.

In Easy Pose, we warmed up our spines by "riding" the Bumpy Camel. Then, hands to shoulders for Washing Machine, twisting side to side,and saying "But" "Mom" (that is the feeling of the chant "Sat" "Nam" but the kids get a kick out of using "But" "Mom"). Hand over hand, we do dryer in both directions. The an Easy Seated Twist. Remember to do a large balloon breath at the end of every pose to signify the ending of one and the start of another.

I decided to do a Vinyasa style class and we began with a few Sun Salutations. In between, we did Table Top with a One/Arm, One/Leg Balance. We also pracised Flat Back. At our last Sun Salutation, we did Chair Pose. We then ran through on each side: Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III.

Lying down again, we lay on one side and balanced in Anantasana or Sleeping Vishnu. This is a very challenging pose.

Class choice was Happy Jio and then we lay down in Shavasana. One full minute of stillness and silence.


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