Sunday, December 19, 2010

Targets Arts-Holiday Residency Teaching Artist Check– In 12/13/10-12/17/10

Targets Arts- Holiday Residency

Teaching Artist Check – In
Name and School: Ellison Parks Week of 12/13-12/17/10

Goals for the week: Make sure choreography is memorized; rehearse the students in the flamenco choreography; Junkanoo art project; prepare the students for visit to Boston for Radio City Music Spectacular; prepare students for residency culmination next Tuesday including performance by guest artist and informational letter to be sent home

Achievements/Accomplishments What worked well this week? The students loved the art project creating a Junkanoo costume piece which we will use at the beginning of our presentation; students have fully memorized the flamenco choreography and are adding style to their movements.

Challenges and Solutions
Identify some challenges you faced this week and what you did to meet them.
After asking for more teachers to be present during our class, we had more help focusing the children and the more teachers who participated; the more the children did too. There are a large number of students who are so very focused on the dance and participate fully, but there is also a contingency of kids who just desire to run around and I cannot say they do not want to participate, because they have told me they like it, they just cannot seem to stay focused for long stretches of time. Sometimes, I have to realize that I am more distracted by them than are their peers.

Peer to Peer/Buddy System Notes
Let us know what relationships are forming and how things are going with your assistant: Carol strongly led the art project and with a very simple model, gave each child the ability to create and then be able to wear proudly their creation.

Attendance and participant behavior issues: There still continues to be a number of students who cannot keep their hands off of each other and the school really does nothing to hinder this; whether the contact is a friendly one or a threatening one. There does not seem to be a “bullying” policy in place and at times each child in that room does something that could be perceived as threatening and or caring.

Other comments/concerns/questions: I am honored to be a part of this residency program. It has given me great insight into the artistic needs of communities in the Boston area. I will continue to strive to add my love of art to these communities, because I see how interested the students, faculty and parents are. Citi Performing Arts Center has created a wonderful program not only of bringing arts into schools but also bringing the schools to the art. I loved every minute of this program and I hope to continue my partnership with the Citi Performing Arts Center in the future!

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