Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dance In The Schools

I just finished up teaching three different classes for Dance In The Schools in Cambridge MA (coordinated by Erica Sigal). I wish every month was dance month. I love getting into the schools and teaching dance and yoga to kids during the day! It is such a great way to work with this population and help cultivate new interests for them. This year I had the opportunity to have three sessions with two classes at the Maria Baldwin School (1st and 2nd grade) and a one day special of teaching math through dance at the Cambridgeport School (7th grade)-teaching how to graph linear equations, to be exact. The math class really peaked my interest and I will be creating a more in depth math-dance program so I can work with all k-12 grades.

I just received a great compliment form the 1st grade teacher at the Baldwin School. The kids and teachers at the Baldwin School were very inviting and created a great space for me to come in and be with them. The whole school has a nice vibe and the kids were very involved with their classrooms.

"I want to share a magic moment with you:
We have had a short meditation period after lunch that was not always silent despite best intentions. I was in the room but had my head in a book when I realized something, it was silent. I looked up to see the kids all shaking their fingers and moving their hands up and down in a pattern as they silently mouthed the words they had learned a couple of days earlier in Eve's yog/meditation portion of the class. This was student initiated and gained immediate acceptance and use. The students obviously embraced and seem to thirst for these activities and I can only imagine what a wonderful impact it would have on the class if Eve were to be with us more."

I can bring yoga/meditation and flamenco to your school, your grade, your classroom! I can tailor all programs to be one day to one year!

A shout out to Shakta Kaur Khalsa for filling me up with great ways to involve children in yoga! I highly recommend studying with her. She is a generous spirit, so willing to share and so willing to learn. Namste Shakta!

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