Friday, March 4, 2011

Flamenco Project 1960-1985: Una Ventana a la Vision Extranjera

Subtitled "a window on the foreign vision," this remarkable book documents and celebrates the experience of the many international pilgrims who travelled to Andalucia in quest of "real," raw Flamenco in its native setting. The meat of the book is an absorbing collection of black and white photographs, almost all previously unpublished, by Christopher Carnes, William Davidson, Ruth Frazier, Dick Frisell, Ira Gavrin, David George, Paco Grande, Jane Grossenbacher, Mark Johnson, Steve Kahn, Robert Klein, George Krause, Charles Mullen, Daniel Seymour, Maria Silver, and Phil Slight. The photos are complemented by texts from Steve Kahn, Zatania Estela, Jose Manuel Gamboa, Brook Zern, William Washabaugh, David George, Jose Maria Velazquez-Gaztelu, Remy Weber, Tao Ruspoli, and Nina Menendez. The photographs themselves feature many of the now legendary Flamenco artists of that time and place: Anzonini del Puerto, Paco del Gastor, Manolito de Maria, Joselero, Chocolate, Platero de Alcala, La Fernanda de Utrera, Rosalia de Triana, Ines de Lebrija, Perrate de Utrera, Fernandillo de Moron, Pepa de Utrera, Felipe de Triana, Aurora Vargas, David Serva, Francisco Molina, La Perrata, Juan Talega, Paco Valdepe–as, Curro and Antonio Mairena, Juan and Paco del Gastor, Pedro Bacan, Miguel Funi, El Farruco, Cristina Hoyos.... Large trade-book format: 190 pages on nice, thick, glossy paper; texts side by side in Spanish and English.

The book is available at Flamenco Connection

** I am friends with Ira Gavrin's daughter (Amara Cohen) and have had the opportunity to meet this fabulous photographer. It was wonderful to hear his tails of flamenco! The pictures are fabulous!
Flamenco Project. Una ventana a la vision extranjera 1960 1985

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