Friday, March 2, 2012

A dialogue between music and poetry

This looks amazing!

Rosa Torres-Pardo piano RocÍo MÁrqueZ soloist
A dialogue between music and poetry

Goyescas, E. Granados
Lorquiana, Federico García Lorca, M. de Falla, I. Albéniz
El Amor Brujo, M. de Falla
Songs and Poems by José Manuel Caballero Bonald and Federico García Lorca
“Suite Española” is a compelling exchange between a world renowned classical
pianist and a new and talented flamenco voice. Through a mix of interpretation
and composed music, it searches for a contact point, exploring both flamenco
and classical styles, looking for artistic origins while representing compositions
by Granados, Falla, and Albéniz. “Suite Española” is a unique exchange which
pushes the boundaries of genre.
Monda y, March 5, 2012
Tsai Performance Center
685 Commonwealth Avenue

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