Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My yoga classes of late....

Recently, my yoga classes have been based on the idea of subliminal messaging that is found in ads, movies etc. By adding affirmations subliminally to each pose/pranyama/meditation (in the descriptions), these subliminal messages will in turn affect the "yogi" to feel a certain way...these are the affirmations I am basing my affirmations on : happy, lucky, grateful and peaceful (these branch out to trusting, trustworthy, rooted, grounded, brave my thesaurus).

For art work, we have been making pictures of trees and in the branches and along the roots we have been writing our own affirmations. Also, focus wheels, with the center circle stating "I AM" and then the external circles embracing our qualities of goodness, trustworthiness, bravado etc...

I have also created a sound track for my upcoming Brighton High School classes:

1. Transform by TJ Rehmi (sorry no YouTube for this one)
2. Om Namah Shivaya by Sheila Chandra
3. Sleep Tonight (Jr Boys Remix) by Stars
4. The Sun Can't COmpare by Larry Heard ft. Mr White
5. The Garden by Cut Chemist
6. The Rain Falls And The Sky Shudders by Moby
7. Rock On Hanuman (Omstrumental) by MC Yogi
8. Give Me The Sunshine by Leo's Sunshipp
9. Lost Ine The World by Chamberlain (Kanye West/ Bon Iver cover) 

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