Saturday, May 1, 2010

Review: RapAtaPtaP & All That April 30, 2010

RapAtaPtaP is Eve Agush and Patrice Monahan, two tap dancers who met at The Leon Collins Tap Dancers’ Paradise. After having established their roots in tap dance and jazz, Patrice infuses their choreography with her progressive percussive background and Eve embellishes it with flamenco. Together they bring to life a unique multi-cultural experience.

Eve Agush and Patrice Monahan opened with "Cheek to Cheek" and demonstrated their respective talents in flamenco and tap, which led into the Brazilian-flavored "Black Orpheus" by the band.

"Flamboyance, an original Bulerias choreography by Eve Agush and Patrice Monahan was next, I especially liked this number which incorporated contra compas and tap. Then came the standard latin jazz song "Besame Mucho" danced by Eve Agush and Patrice Monahan again employing a combination of the tap/flamenco arts.

In "La Fiesta" the Band composed of Miki Matsuki on Percussion, Rick Stone on Sax (he was AMAZING!!!) Charlotte Dumonton Bass and Karen Quatromoni on Guitar allowed each member of the band to shine.

In "Agua De Beber" Eve employed many traditional upper body flamenco moves with tap and taconeo - her style is very modern and dynamic - exciting to watch!

In the student recital segment, Dancers Aileen Oliva and Corrina Roche Cross danced an Alegrias choreographed by Eve Agush, Ms. Cross is very good - I think we'll see much more of her in the future - she has passion, form, and the rhythm so essential to the art form. Next came a delightful Sevillanas with Aileen Oliva, August Ramos, and Corrina Roche Cross.

The Tap segment started out with "Roustabout" another original choreography by Eve with dancers Priya Gajjar and Sofia Kaufman and a delightful dance with swiffers called "I Am NOT Your Broom!".

The performance returned with "Flamenco Soul" with music by Lionel Hampton followed… this was also an original Choreography by Eve Agush and Patrice Monahan. More Jazz ensued with an original composition by Patrice Monahan on piano accompanied by the the band called "Limbo". Then the two dancers came back together for "Pennsylvania Seis Cinco Mille" a Kansas City Rhythm (Tap n' Tray) swing number with lots of attitude. The show concluded with "Black Orpheus Reprise" a farewell from the band.

Good work Eve - keep it up! we look forward to more.