Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yoga Snack: Let it flow, let yourself go.

Teaching yoga to kids: 

I have something I love to do. Teach yoga to kids. All kids! Both typical and non-typical kids alike. Although those “monikers” seem so irrelevant because all kids are typical and non-typical. I love working with kids. They are noisy and silly and try so hard to get it. They stretch their imaginations and I love their energy when they get a pose they have been trying so hard to get. True, sometimes I have to reign in their exuberance, but only a little, just to bring focus back to the class.

Today’s Yoga-Snack was delicious! I really challenged them and with bubbling energy, we experienced yoga together.

After a few warm ups on the floor:
1. 3 big belly breaths (with hands on tummies to feel the filling and release of belly)
2. 3 “Hun” breaths (like the word honey, without the “ey”, which provokes a resonance in the nasal cavity) breath in, hands over ears, breath out saying “hunnnnnn”)
3. Grind the coffee (sitting in easy pose, pretend to have a coffee bean under each butt cheek, hold knees, and make body circles while grinding the coffee beans in to the floor)
4. Easy seated side stretch (keep the coffee beans on the floor-in other words, stay seated)
5. Lean over crossed legs and lower body as close to floor as possible (repeat with opposite leg crossed in front)
6. Butterfly with song

Standing Sequence:
1. Mountain pose, press toes and heels into ground, like roots of a tree.
2. High Mountain
3. Tree-to-Dancer-to-Tree (repeat opposite side)

Flow Sequence:
1. Star Pose
2. Warrior I
3. Warrior II
4. Dancing Warrior
5. Side Angle Pose
6. Half Moon
7. Warrior II
8. Jump feet together-repeat other side
9. End second side with Child’s Pose
10. Reverse Table Top
11. Wheel

Cool Down:
1. Lying in constructive rest: Drop knees to one side, back stays on the floor, 3 relaxing breaths; Repeat other side
2. Savasana


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