Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stillness + Focus + Breath= Yoga

The perfect formula for a great yoga practice is:

Stillness of the body + Focus of the mind + Breathing = Great Yoga!

Today's Yoga Snack started with Bumble Bee Breath and a 2 minute still and silent meditation. From there we went through the book "My Daddy Is A Pretzel" by Baron Baptiste. This a great book with some very basic poses for a good yoga practice. Each pose is explained carefully with words and pictures. I like the fact that they have a mom who is a Marine Biologist and a Step Dad who is a pilot. The names for the kids are unique such as Emmie and Malachi, indicating many different races. This is a great book for any yoga library and is a great way to approach yoga in your home with your children. They can lead you!

There are links below if you would like to purchase this book or the accompanying yoga cards from Amazon.


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