Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flamenco at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield CT

Family Art Adventures: Capturing Movement in Portrait Form!                                  Learn how to combine dance and drawing at a unique workshop

Yesterday, my close friend, associate and artist Elizabeth Taylor and I traveled to the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield CT to bring flamenco and drawing to their on-going series of Family Art Adventures. We had a wonderful group of about 35 adults and children who leaned about the spine and movement through yoga, dance and drawing. We explored different ways to make sounds in flamenco (i.e. stamping, clapping, snapping, saying "ole"); I demonstrated the Sevillanas (while playing my castanets); we talked about the form while both standing and while engaged in movement; we explored shapes of a fan (a line to a triangle to a half circle); we danced rumbas all together (the kids had costumes and props to use supplied by the museum) and we drew!

What a wonderful and refreshing day. The art room was full of joy, light and inspiration. A big shout out to Audrey and Clara for dancing and expressing themselves so beautifully ¡OLE!

The Aldrich is a fabulous gem of a museum. There were numerous current shows that I throroughly enjoyed: James Esber: Your Name HEreHope Gangloff: Love Letters; KAWS: Caompanion Passing Through; Robert Taplin: Selections From The Punch Series 2005-2010 and Timothy White: Portraits. Also, one permanent installation is a pinhole camera that you can enter inside. It is very cool! I reccomend paying a visit. The town of Ridgefield is very quaint. We ate at Fifty Coins Restaurant- a great place for the whole family!

Thank you to Tori Reimann, Head of Youth & Family Programs, for the fabulous opportunity! And thank you to my dear husband Rob and our son, Anthony, for driving us and being such great, supportive people!

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