Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Bodies, Big Souls

You are invited to submit a chapter for inclusion in the book, "Little Bodies, Big Souls."  This book is looking for a full range of stories that include the theme of how your yoga and/or meditation practice has had an effect with a relationship with a child or how your participation in children's yoga has had a tangible effect.  We are interested in how you've been able to take your yoga practice off the mat and apply the yogic principles to everyday life and relationships.  We are looking for funny, serious, life lessons, and/or heart-warming stories.  The story can be either adult or child focused.  Think of this book along the line of Chicken Soup is Good for Soul® type of story.  Please click on for submission guidelines and information or email us at

If you have a studio/store and would be willing to place a flier you can download it here.

All chosen authors will have their biographical information printed and it is a great way to promote your studio/business or interests as well.

Little Bodies Big Souls – stories from yoga and children that will heal your life. 

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