Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yoga Stretch and The Weight Room

On Tuesday morning I got to sub a yoga stretch class at Longfellow Fitness. I had a great group of women who really enjoyed themselves and we all had a great stretch together. I talked a lot about abs and how these women being older had trouble doing crunches etc. to get to their abs, so I suggested that they "bring their anus to their belly button" throughout the work out and in that they would be using their deep abdominal muscles without crunching. They loved the idea! 

Thank you for a great time, ladies!

After yoga, I hit the weight room again. Rob, honey, this is for you...

1. SQUAT: bar +20lbs. 15 reps; +40lbs 12 reps; +60 10 reps
2. LUNGES: holding 15's 40 across the room
3. EXTENSIONS (back to back with curls) 55lbs 12 reps; 70lbs. 10 reps; 85 8 reps
4. CURLS: 40lbs 12 reps; 50lbs. 10 reps; 60lbs. 8 reps
5. BENCH : +20lbs. 15 reps; +40 lbs. 8 reps; +45lbs. 6 reps
6. INCLINE BENCH: +10lbs. 15 reps; +20lbs. 10 reps; +30lbs. 7 reps
7. BUTTERFLY: 50lbs. 12 reps; 60lbs. 8 reps; 70lbs. 6 reps
8. LAT PULL DOWNS: 70lbs. 12 reps; 82.5lbs. 8 reps; 90lbs. 6 reps
9. UNDER-GRIP LAT PULL DOWNS: 75 lbs. 10 reps; 80lbs. 8 reps; 82.5lbs. 6 reps.
10. ROWS 60lbs. 12 reps; 75lbs. 8 reps; 90 lbs. 6 reps
11. SHOULDER PRESS (with bar) 30lbs. 15 reps; 40lbs. 12 reps; 50lbs. 10reps

That took about an hour and fifteen minutes. No real pain this week, though, but I feel good! Sticking strong to my new life-style diet. No fat and lots of salad! And sprouted wheat breads.

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